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Direct PLM

Direct PLM is our connector between Aras Innovator®, the innovative solution for Product Lifecycle Management by Aras Corp, and the most popular CAD systems: SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Inventor, thinkdesign and others.


The architecture and the user interface of Direct PLM are designed to streamline the flow of information between the design phases and the rest of the company processes, to ensure full and efficient integration of PLM with design and documentation activities. Direct PLM also supports Microsoft Word® and Microsoft Excel® integration.


Implemented as an independent external application - so that no piece of software is required on board of CAD - Direct PLM has the same lean, non-intrusive interface for every supported CAD. The entry point to the connector commands can be either a pop-up menu in the task bar: 


taskbar01      taskbar02


or a floating toolbar that can be freely positioned in the most convenient place on the screen:





Direct PLM relies upon Aras Innovator® edit forms to input and modify the PLM data; this ensures automatic and real-time alignment between the connector interface and any Aras Innovator® configuration/customization.




A powerful and user-friendly interface allows part browsing and direct access to both CAD and non-CAD documents related to a part:




The BOM viewer provides full access to the whole Bill-Of-Material tree of the assembly:




Direct PLM functionality includes:


1. Automatic management of entities, documents and relationships


  • Document information automatically deduced by part data
  • Single-click creation and association of drawing documents 
  • Optional generation and uploading of thumbnails and viewable files (PDF, neutral format drawing...)
  • Automatic updating of document properties associated with PLM properties
  • Clone part with all related CAD documents


2. Assembly management


  • Automatic generation and update of assembly file structure and Bill Of Material
  • In-place part data editing
  • Insert and replace component
  • Optimized lock/unlock commands
  • Full support of CAD-specific features (derived parts, configurations, cut lists, local/virtual components, lightweight...)


3. BOM management


  • Changes in CAD assembly structure automatically reflected in BOM
  • BOM elements manually added in Aras are preserved
  • Management of quantity, sequence, "ignore in BOM" attributes
  • Compare BOM tool


The following table lists the CAD products currently supported by Direct PLM. Contact us for more information about the availability of other integrations.




More information about the product can also be found on our Youtube channel.