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Our proposal

Focus PLM proposal is built on three business lines.


PLM systems based on Aras Innovator®

Aras Innovator® is the innovative solution for Product Lifecycle Management by Aras Corp.

Thanks to an Enterprise Open Source approach - that combines no license costs with the reliability of software developed by a large, professional organization - it allows developing a complete enterprise system with reduced, incremental, investments.


It is a native Web application with a Service-Oriented Architecture that ensures easy integration with other systems. Aras Innovator® is implemented through state-of-art technologies which supports full configuration by means of interactive tools and - when necessary - additional customization by means of standard coding languages.


Aras Innovator® out-of-the-box functionality classifies the product as a high-end PLM and supports the implementation of enterprise solutions covering all the product lifecycle management needs of a modern company. 


To get more information about the product please contact us or go to the documentation access page.


As Aras Gold Certified Partner and thanks to their long-standing experience in complex PLM infrastructure development, Focus PLM can install and configure Aras Innovator® taking full advantage of all its native features, and customize it if needed to fulfill specific customer needs.


Moreover, Focus PLM provides first-level support to Aras Innovator® Unlimited Subscription customers.


To ensure full and efficient integration of PLM with design and documentation activities, Focus PLM develops and sells Direct PLM, a bi-directional connector between Aras Innovator® and the most popular CAD products. Direct PLM also supports Microsoft Word® integration.


More information about Direct PLM is available here



Software systems for commercial and technical product configuration


Focus PLM develops and sells Dynamic Product, a suite of applications which address all needs for product configuration in manufacturing companies.


Dynamic Product enforces a complete separation between software and formal description of product structure and rules; it includes state-of-art solutions for customization and configuration and it is integrated with CAD systems to support automatic generation of models and drawings that represent the result of end-users choices. 


TD PC_client

Consultancy services and support for existing PLM infrastructures

Focus PLM can support and maintain existing PLM systems covering:


  1. maintenance and upgrades
  2. extension and improvement of existing customizations
  3. development of new verticalization and applications
  4. integration with other elements of the enterprise IT environment


Focus PLM assets include broad experience and deep understanding of customers' needs that ensure high quality of these services. A geographically distributed structure allows efficient and timely operations.


Customers can buy specific activities based on "Statement of Work" documents, or annual support contracts that include also on-site assistance.