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The Team

Focus PLM is an enterprise born as an initiative of a group of PLM professionals coming from leader companies in the Italian market and who are recognized references in the field.



They are all involved operationally in Focus PLM.


Pierluigi Gulmini – Sales Director

With a twenty-year experience in managing PLM systems and a long record of consultancy services in GCAD, Pierluigi is definitely well-known and appreciated by manufacturing SMB companies all over central and north Italy.


Gian Luca Marchi – Senior Consultant PLM

Gian Luca combines an impressive experience in implementing complex PLM systems and a deep understanding of real company needs in several industrial domains.


Stefano Mariani – Senior Consultant PLM

Along the years Stefano delivered several successful implementations and customizations of PLM systems in Italy and abroad, earning everywhere a reputation for competence and absolute reliability.


Marco Pirani – Customer Service Director

Responsible for PLM Customer Care in a company long leader in the sector, Marco also covered the role of Technical Marketing Manager contribuiting to the definition of success products.


Sergio Salsedo – CEO

Sergio adds to a twenty-year experience in managing distributed organizations for advanced software systems development (CAD, PLM, image processing and cartography) a Master in Business Administration.


Maurizio Sebastianis – CTO

As architect of the PLM product leader in Italy for more than 15 years, Maurizio is an undisputed auhority in the field and combines a complete understanding of real customer needs with impressive technical skills and passion for innovation.


Stefano Tidona – PLM Services Director

Thanks to 20 years of consultancy services, both as a senior consultant and as a manager of pre and post sales organizations in several companies, Stefano is surely a reference for manufacturing companies in north-east Italy and Emilia-Romagna.